What are beacons?

Bluetooth Beacons are small devices which allow apps installed on your smartphones, tablets or any other handheld internet enabled devices to carry out some innovative and clever things based on their location. In other words, beacons are wireless devices which are primarily designed to communicate with people within a short range. These Bluetooth-enabled devices operate on Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) technology to transmit a continuous signal which is then picked up by smartphones or tablets residing closer to them. This distance could be anywhere between few inches to few meters. The device a beacon is trying to establish a communication should have the relevant app to pick up its signal. If the signal is recognized, your smartphone starts a communication with the server to know whether it has anything relevant to share. Beacons today have become important communication tools and many businesses today are using them to develop a closer relationship with their customers.

What makes beacons so appealing to businesses?

The implosion of smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-enabled handheld devices to present an excellent opportunity to businesses to engage more actively and efficiently with their present and potential customers. For example, a customer within the range of the beacon technology can be targeted by firms to send contextually relevant messages. For example, customers can receive a message on their device reminding them about the latest offers and discounts being offered by the retailer. Beacons are quite similar to website tracking and analytics tools companies use to determine the purchasing patterns and behaviors of customers on e-commerce sites.

Communication protocols used by beacons

Similar to any other technology, beacons also need a communication protocol to connect with other devices. We must have heard about the victory of one protocol over other on television and read about in newspapers. The best example of this could be the triumph of Blu-Ray protocol over HD DVD protocol. However, customers do not tend to pay much attention if there is no significant difference between the cost and performance of different protocols. It is certainly the case with two main standards for Bluetooth beacons communications—iBeacon and Eddystone. Based on Bluetooth 4.0, both these broadcasting protocols offer little difference regarding features and functionality. Both of them offer seamless beacon deployment with minor differences here and there.

Buy beacons to boost your revenue and profit

You can make efficient use of this location awareness tool to increase your sales and revenue. A wide range and varieties are available both online and offline for your utmost convenience. You can purchase them from anywhere you want and see your profits rise as you develop close interaction with your clients by offering them personalized messages in real-time. You can also download heatmapper from Ekahau site for better Wi-Fi performance.